SSD Installation & SSD Upgrades

What’s the one thing you can’t stand doing when using your Laptop or PC? Waiting! You know what we mean. You turn your machine on, go and make a cuppa, hang the washing out, maybe tune into the television for a bit. Then finally – your PC is in a usable condition. I mean, if you can call it that as it groans under the load of opening a single webpage.

We have the answer, in the form of a faster, more energy efficient, and reliable Solid State Drive (SSD). Here are just a few points that having one fitted could benefit you:

  • More reliable – SSD’s have a failure rate of approx. 0.5% – as opposed to HDD’s of up to 5%
  • Higher Shock Tolerance – SSD’s can withstand up to 1,500 G/0.5 msec – HDD’s can withstand just 30G/2msec (when writing information). This is the difference between dropping it from the arm of the sofa and losing all your data, or picking it up and carry on using it.
  • Energy efficient – SSD’s consume approx. 2-3 watts – HDD’s consume between 10-15 watts. Saving money on electric, increasing your battery life and doing your little part for the environment.
  • Speed – This is improved in several ways
    • Lower Processor usage with an SSD – 1%, compared with 7-8% with an HDD – Meaning your CPU can be doing other tasks
    • Faster Read/Write times – newer SSD’s boast access times can be as low as 0.1 milliseconds, with HDD’s taking up to 8 ms. This is the difference between applications opening when you click on them, or on the other hand opening 3 minutes later, after you’ve clicked on them 3 times.

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