Recover My Files Including Deleted Files, Folders or Full Partitions

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to accidentally delete any of your precious files, folders, or even the full partition and you are running around wondering “How am I going to recover my files?” then help is on the way.

We use state of the art file retrieval software which often shows up with files deleted years ago. We can retrieve these files, repair any partially corrupt files, and return the data to you on a media of your choice. We can also supply memory sticks and hard drives too.

Damaged Circuitry

We can fix most types of hard drive firmware, SATA or IDE connectors. With that we can ultimately recover the data which would otherwise be lost.

Disadvantages of Do It Yourself File Recovery

We know you might be sitting there thinking, “I can recover my files with file recovery software that I install myself.” You are right. This is completely possible for you to handle, but there are disadvantages to using your own file recovery software.