What is the point of having a custom built PC? You could just get a cheaply made brand-name computer? Whether you are an individual or a business there are plenty of advantages to a custom built PC compared to brand-name computers. Below we will talk about those specific pros of having a custom built PC & the process you go through to get it.

Advantages of a Custom Built PC

  • Higher Quality & Workmanship – When it comes to custom made PC’s, you have the ability to get higher quality parts. Also, specific workmanship goes into the build in comparison to brand-name computers. You also get to choose what parts go into your computer. You can have similar parts to a brand-name computer, but the quality of the parts are higher. This gives your PC longer life down the road too.
  • Upgrades & Repairs – Custom built PC’s tend to be much easier to get upgraded if the parts become out of date, or require repair. New brand-name computers typically use manufacturer-specific parts. This makes it a challenge to upgrade or repair because the brand-name company just wants you to buy another computer. They suggest that a lot over fixing it, or upgrading.
  • Consistent & Demanding Usage – If you use your PC often and require a lot from it, then a custom built PC is likely the right way to go. Brand-name PC’s tend to come as they are. They usually cannot be tailored to your needs in the same way as a custom made PC can. You can also customize your PC with a large power source to meet the demands of your consistent PC use.
  • Availability & Selection – Brand-name computers limit you in your selection when it comes to your PC parts. One computer might have the CPU you want, but not the GPU or vice versa. A custom built PC allows you to have endless, unique options and selections for every specific part in your computer.
  • Pricing – Being able to pick and choose from a combination of entry level or high end computer parts allows for an affordable but competent PC.

Process of a Custom Built PC

  1. Initial Consultation – Once you have contacted us about having your PC customized to fit your needs, we will figure out what your needs are combined with your budget.
  2. Quote – Once we figure out what type of customized PC build will work best to fit within your budget and needs, we will send you a quote. This will include the cost of the PC parts as well as the labor cost to build the perfect PC for you.
  3. Build – After you have received and accepted the quote, the process begins to ship the correct PC parts and then begin building your custom PC.
  4. Completed PC – Finally, your custom PC is built and the PC is then delivered or picked up.

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